Amit Sharma, CEO

  • Co-Founder, Empowerment Capital

  • Chief of Operations, Command Global

  • Head of New Products, Chief of Staff, Global Markets and International Business Units, Mitsubishi UFJ Securities

  • COS to Deputy Secretary / Senior Advisor, Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, US Treasury

  • US Peace Corps, Mongolia

Dennis Paige, CTO

  • Senior Examiner, IT Risk, Federal Reserve Bank of New York

  • Security Architect / Program Manager for Security and Fraud, Payments and Cash Management Unit, HSBC

  • Director, Security Architecture, NYSE Technology

  • Manager, Computer Risk Management, Arthur Andersen


Wayne Varga, Chief Risk Officer

  • CSO, SD7 Technology Group

  • CIO and Lead Assessor, K3DES

  • CTO, eCenturion

  • CISO, 2002 Salt Lake Olympic Games

  • CTO, Arcanvs

  • Manager, Computer Risk Management, Arthur Andersen

Eric Gary, CFO

  • CFO, Juridica Capital, Ltd.

  • Senior Finance and Operations:

    • Covad Communications

    • Lightwave Communications

    • MFS Communications

    • Ameritech Corp

    • Marriott Corp


Brian Rankin, Digital Solutions & Partnerships

  • Director of Partner Solutions, SigFig

  • VP, Client Services, Ripple

  • VP, Technology Operations, Monitise

  • Director of IT Operations, Marin Capital Partners

  • Access for Empowerment International, Ghana

James Lin, Product & Strategy

  • CTO, Lynk Global

  • Head of Client Solutions, Clearbrook Financial

  • CTO, Regulatory DataCorp

  • CIO, Inc

  • VP, Merrill Lynch

  • Director, S&P Global

  • PhD from MIT


John Squires, Legal & IP

Partner/Chairman of IP & Emerging Company Practice, Dilworth Paxson

  • Chief IP Counsel, Goldman Sachs

  • Partner, Perkins Coie

  • Board and Co-Founder, Regulatory DataCorp