The Honorable Juan Zarate (Chairman)

• Former Deputy National Security Advisor for Combatting Terrorism

• Former Asst. Secretary, US Treasury

Mark “Chip” Poncy (President)

• Former Senior Director, Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence

• Former US Head of Delegation, Financial Action Task Force (FATF)


Jonathan Johnson (President)

• Medici is the holding company for’s investments in blockchain technology


Josh Siegel (Chairman and CEO)

• Leading provider of direct and API delivered insured cash solutions and technologies, including CAMBR – scalable technology-based deposit and banking services



• Offering guidance and legal counsel across Intellectual Property (fin/reg-tech, blockchain, risk/compliance), business and corporate activities, investment and capital strategy


Lieutenant General William C. Mayville, Jr. (ret.)

• Former Director of the Joint Staff and Director of Operations (J3) for the Joint Chiefs of Staff

• Vice Commander for US Cyber Command

• Combat Veteran with multiple command tours in Iraq and Afghanistan

Marc Abramowitz

Big-data analytics for risk/compliance, finance and banking, and blockchain – including for applications into fin-/reg-tech investments

Tony Fratto

• Founder & CEO, Hamilton Place Strategies

• Former Deputy White House Press Secretary

• Strategic communications and marketing, including investor relations, and USG & regulatory outreach

Alex Acree

• Co-founder and General Counsel, Fenway Summer Ventures

• Board Member at FinRegLab

• Extensive engagement and senior positions with multiple fin-tech and reg-tech start-ups

• Former attorney advising clients on financial regulatory and compliance matters

Vivian Schneck-Last

• Former Global Head of Technology Governance and Technology Risk at Goldman Sachs

• Director of SLM Corporation and Sallie Mae Bank